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Mapping the Construction Tech Landscape

The Blue Collar Labs team is reaching out to every technology company serving the built environment with the express purpose of mapping out the tech landscape. Our purpose is to educate and inform builders about current / available industry technology in a no-nonsense, bias-free resource. 


Sadly and far too often, the only technology companies that are noticed by builders are the ones that have the biggest marketing budgets (to buy blog posts, advertorials, sponsorships and event booths)...and at BCL, we're trying to change that. Just as a rising tide raises all ships, we believe that the more the industry understands about the landscape of disruptive technology, the more quickly the industry will depart from its commitment to conventional methodology and embrace innovation. And when this happens, the industry will flourish.

The Process

Blue Collar Labs is sending to each technology company a survey (see below) with the same set of questions, from which your responses will be organized, compiled and showcased in free publication distributed to thousands within BCL's growing industry network; General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Engineers, Service Providers, Construction Managers, Property Owners (and more!). In order to maximize participation, we want to keep this publication free and agnostic; allowing the technology products to speak for themselves. Through our website (and forthcoming publication called The Builder's Almanac), Blue Collar Labs is offering an unprecedented platform for technology companies, allowing them to get noticed and their products fairly analyzed by AEC consumers in an objective, data-centric, and apples-to-apples format.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via email at


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