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File Storage/Sharing

ProTrakr, Inc. (dba TargetDocs)

Joseph Leiva & Emon Haider


Silver Spring, MD, USA


Electronic Communication

File Management


Fleet / Equipment Management

Information Resource

Time & Attendance

Design Creation

Design Review

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Design Resource




Project Management



Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)


Facility Management

Secondary Features


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Product Description

TargetDocs is a shared project inbox for collecting documents. The company gives construction firms and their subcontractors a collaborative team inbox that tracks and indexes every file it collects, giving project teams a document checklist of what's been turned in and what's missing.

System Requirements

Mobile Application

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Agnostic (Web-Based)

Operating System

Apple iOS


Microsoft Windows

Competitive Advantage

TargetDocs enables prime contractors to stay ahead of project paperwork by providing them with a collaborative team inbox to collect, catalog and track every subcontractor file submitted. Instead of "keeping up", TargetDocs provides primes with a solution to "stay ahead".

Impact on Construction

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Using TargetDocs, my team can rely on a centralized project inbox to track and retrieve subcontractor files. Subs simply upload and tag files using smart labels, which automatically catalogs and tracks the information for manager review.

Good for Project Managers

With TargetDocs, I have instant access to all of my subcontractor's submitted files. With a click of a button, I know - with certainty - which documents have been turned in and which ones I'm still missing. 

Good for Superintendents

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Page by ProTrakr, Inc. (dba TargetDocs)


The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


TargetDocs provides an important solution for general contractors looking to better collect, catalog and track subcontractor files from a centralized, cloud-based repository. In lieu of personal inboxes, spreadsheets and calendars, TargetDocs was built by construction professionals to provide a collaborative team inbox for construction projects. Its breadth of features allows managers to quickly and intelligently label, track, store and recall information. Whether its collecting invoicing documents, managing compliance reports, or tracking weekly certified payrolls, TargetDocs solves an important problem in construction project management and subcontractor document control.

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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