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All-in-One Project Management


Cameron Blacker


Brisbane, Australia


Electronic Communication

File Management


Fleet / Equipment Management

Information Resource

Time & Attendance

Design Creation

Design Review

Design Visualization

Design Resource

Project Management



Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)





Facility Management

Secondary Features


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Product Description

Nexvia is a groundbreaking cloud-based management platform that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their project management processes. The software improves efficiency, accountability and communication. From financial reporting, tendering and estimating to sales, factory and site management, Nexvia gives managers the ability to easily access and control multiple projects at a detailed level from anywhere in the world. Further, Nexvia fosters a collaborative approach with contractor and client portals - creating a more transparent environment for workers, contractors, managers and clients. All of these aspects work together to create a profitable outcome through increased visibility to make key financial decisions.

System Requirements

Mobile Application

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Agnostic (Web-Based)

Operating System

Apple iOS


Microsoft Windows

Competitive Advantage

Nexvia provides significant advantages to its users such as increased productivity, lower costs and a competitive edge in the marketplace. Construction managers now have a solution that truly streamlines their project workflows, associate communications and financials - all from one place.

Impact on Construction

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Since Nexvia is a cloud-based solution, all project management functions (from pre-sale to completion) can be accessed from my mobile device. Not only that, they provide me with the simplicity and effectiveness I need for collaborating with clients and contractors. 

Good for Project Managers

Nexvia is able to integrate with my other field software, such as PlanGrid, allowing me to streamline processes and immediately communicate field issues with all stakeholders.

Good for Superintendents

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The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


By having their roots in the construction industry, Nexvia understands that there isn't always a one-size-fits-all process or product for builders. As a result, Nexvia has established their business upon their principal commitment of being a flexible solution provider, able to tailor their solution to meet the unique needs of their clients. Their customer service, approach to technology implementation, and client training is a refreshing departure from other companies' engagement policies. By focusing their efforts on their client's success, Nexvia is ensuring that companies are not only using their product, but also benefitting from it.

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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