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Our Mission

Blue Collar Labs, LLC is the industry's most trusted resource for providing 3rd party, unbiased analyses of built environment technologies. Specifically serving those who serve the Architecture, Engineer and Construction (AEC), Blue Collar Labs has a two-fold purpose:


  1. To empower construction professionals with easy-to-understand information and apples-to-apples comparisons of industry technology - equipping builders, designers, owners and suppliers with the necessary details for making informed technology decisions.

  2. To provide technology vendors, regardless of size and budget, a balanced and fair platform for which to display their disruptive products to the built environment. 

*What do we mean when we say unbiased?

At Blue Collar Labs, we cling to traditional construction values; hard-work, honesty and integrity. It's with this conviction that we will never sell our voice, our values or our virtue for compensation. We want our visitors to trust the information we publish, not doubting the underlying motivations of our efforts. As a result, all information posted to Blue Collar Labs will be displayed even-handedly, providing a balanced platform for tech products to be explored and discovered.

Our Promise

At Blue Collar Labs, we commit our very best to you in providing unbiased, unfiltered content about construction and its technology. We want you (our visitors) to make the best, most educated decisions for yourself and your companies. We will not participate in manipulating our content so that you might be coerced into purchasing one product over another.


As a brief disclaimer, we want you to know that we DO NOT:

  1. Develop our own technology products;

  2. Participate in affiliate programs (making money on any products in which Blue Collar Labs facilitates a sale);

  3. Receive any kick-backs/commission whatsoever when builders choose to purchase any particular technology product.

Our voice is not for sale and all opinions/perspectives expressed by Blue Collar Labs are, in fact, our own.

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