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The Builders Behind the Collar

Karl Sorensen, Founder & President 


After 15 years in the construction industry, managing over $100M in federal, commercial and residential projects across the United States, Karl transitioned from his role in project management into construction operations and technology. Leveraging his first-hand understanding of jobsite constraints, Karl helped launch BuiltWorlds, a Chicago-based AEC media company whose aim was to elevate conversation surrounding construction technology and methodologies. From there, Karl orchestrated the development of two Midwest-based construction companies; one being a commercial contractor and the other a private equity real estate developer, both of which are still flourishing today. 

Now as President of Blue Collar Labs and Managing Partner of Blue Collar Capital Partners, Karl spends his time championing operational efficiencies in construction through cultivating/catalyzing technology startups or advising construction contractors. His belief is that when the built environment properly understands and appropriately deploys technology on jobsites - regardless of size, scope or complexity - projects will be completed safer, quicker, cheaper and with higher quality.

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