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Safety Compliance

SafetyCulture Pty. Ltd.

Luke Anear


Sydney, Australia


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Electronic Communication

File Management


Fleet / Equipment Management

Information Resource

Time & Attendance

Design Creation

Design Review

Design Visualization

Design Resource




Project Management



Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)


Facility Management

Secondary Features




Product Description

iAuditor is a mobile app that empowers people to create, use, and share intuitive checklists for cost-efficient safety and quality management.

System Requirements

Mobile Application

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Agnostic (Web-Based)

Operating System

Apple iOS


Microsoft Windows

Competitive Advantage

We're making safety available to everyone, including temperature and humidity sensors you can afford.

Impact on Construction

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iAuditor allows me to automatically generate and share comprehensive reports with photos, secure all my data in the cloud for easy accessibility, and cultivate a culture of collaboration with iAuditor's actions feature.

Good for Project Managers

With iAuditor, I am able to empower my frontline workers to be accountable, gain visibility of your day-to-day operations, and continuously improve safety and quality of work.

Good for Superintendents

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Page by SafetyCulture

October 28, 2019

The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


iAuditor by SafetyCulture has become a household name for construction safety compliance and inspection checklists for good reason. Founded in 2004, during a time where SafetyCulture was one of the only companies championing innovative audit technology, iAuditor was born and it made significant strides in helping contractors convert paper-based forms into a digital format. Now, after 15+ years of serving the industry, iAuditor by SafetyCulture is still one of the best products on the market. Providing much more than safety compliance, iAuditor helps contractors create and deploy digital forms, while providing an accessible platform for collecting, organizing and managing audit data. Whether you're focused on safety, quality, or operations - or work in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, transportation or facilities management - iAuditor is an ideal product for automating processes and gathering mission-critical information integral to the success of your company. Try out iAuditor for free by visiting their website. 

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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