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Job Board & Labor Network

Faber Technologies, Inc.

Justin Locke, John Reid, Sebastian Jacob & Jordan Squire


Vancouver, Canada

12 - 25

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Electronic Communication

File Management


Fleet / Equipment Management

Information Resource

Time & Attendance

Design Creation

Design Review

Design Visualization

Design Resource




Project Management



Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)


Facility Management

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Product Description

Faber Connect is a marketplace that connects construction workers (skilled trades and unskilled laborers) with construction companies through a mobile and web platform.

System Requirements

Mobile Application

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Agnostic (Web-Based)

Operating System

Apple iOS


Microsoft Windows

Competitive Advantage

Faber Connect provides a highly-vetted and reliable workforce through a proprietary algorithm that feeds qualified matches to employers based on project needs and specifications.

Impact on Construction

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When a project is understaffed, my job is made exponentially more difficult. With Faber Connect, I can create a live request for the type of construction professionals I need on my jobsite. In some cases, approved job candidates can be deployed to site same-day.

Good for Project Managers

With Faber Connect, I have an easier time forecasting and responding to labor requirements. Plus, I can easily view invoices and cost-code each labor hour to the correct jobsite through Labor Connect's reporting feature; which allows me to see who was deployed where and by whom.

Good for Superintendents

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Page by Faber Technologies, Inc.

January 24, 2020

The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


Faber Connect is a labor placement and recruitment tool that matches skilled/general labor with Vancouver-area construction projects. Whether your jobsite needs short-term or long-term labor, project employers need only log onto Faber Connect and set the parameters for their labor needs. Faber Connect then finds pre-verified and qualified workers that match those requirements. Each candidate profile is populated with helpful, user-generated data, such as ratings, experience, jobsite skills, and pricing. Personally, I think this tool is a brilliant solution, not only for construction professionals looking for work, but employers who need qualified help. In lieu of traditional hiring processes which can sometimes take weeks, Faber Connect provides a way to quickly get labor to site, in some cases same-day.

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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