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Unit Price Contracts

Grand River Business Intelligence

Daniel Moore, Sean Ciampaglia


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Electronic Communication

File Management


Fleet / Equipment Management

Information Resource

Time & Attendance

Design Creation

Design Review

Design Visualization

Design Resource

Project Management



Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)





Facility Management

Secondary Features


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Product Description

ContractComplete is a web-based software and mobile application that helps owners, contractors, and consultants better manage construction contracts. With ContractComplete, achieve optimal levels of "BID-BUILD-BILL" with workflows and features such as invitational RFPs (tendering & call for bids), invoicing, certify payment, real-time progress, change management, smart-excel importing, addenda building, instant bid review, and more!

System Requirements

Mobile Application

Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Agnostic (Web-Based)

Operating System

Apple iOS


Microsoft Windows

Competitive Advantage

Construction professionals choose ContractComplete because it enables users to multi-task, save time, achieve higher levels of accuracy with formal documents and cultivates project progress transparency.

Impact on Construction

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My team is operating faster and with newfound boldness because of ContractComplete's ability to automate workflows and minimize human data entry errors. 

Good for Project Managers

With ContractComplete, I can access documents from anywhere and easily share construction progress with clients. ContractComplete gives me the confidence that our office has the right tools for excellent administrative performance.

Good for Superintendents

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The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


ContractComplete is a cloud-based unit price contract management solution that helps contractors collect proposals, compare bids, select subcontractors for project work, and afterwards, it helps manage the administration of the contract throughout the life-span of the project. Whether you need help selecting contractors or managing contracts, ContractComplete has the tools and resources to help you. Optimized as a web-based software and mobile application, ContractComplete are for construction professionals who are always on-the-go or looking for "lean" administration benefits. No more digging through filing cabinets or manually reviewing pay applications, ContractComplete provides an all-in-one and easy-to-use solution for builders and their subcontractors. 

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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