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BIM Task Automation

AutoM8 BIM

Paul Flanagan


Dublin, Ireland

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Product Description

AutoCT automatically checks the size of the cable tray within a Revit model. It routes electrical circuits along cable containment networks in order to verify the size of containment used. The results of the checks are presented to the user in a color coded 3D view. This allows users to quickly identify and rectify any problem areas. 
The software has various features to make the cable tray sizing process quick and easy. Additionally, as the software works in the live Revit model, any changes to the model layout or cable tray network can be instantly recalculated.

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Competitive Advantage

Traditionally, sizing containment is a manually intensive task - prone to rework with any model change. AutoCT eliminates this work by automatically routing cables, managing cable information and calculating containment size quickly and easily - freeing engineers to focus on other design tasks.

Impact on Construction

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AutoCT not only helps our design team quickly identify containment sizes, allowing them to focus on bigger design tasks, but we can be confident that every circuit route has been thoroughly checked, analyzed and verified.

Good for Project Managers

With AutoCT, containment sizes are calculated using cable data from various manufacturers. Therefore, I can be sure there is no undersized or oversized project containment that would lead to rework.

Good for Superintendents

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Page by AutoM8 BIM

March 23, 2020

The Final Word

by Blue Collar Labs


AutoCT (or Automatic Containment) is a BIM design tool that provides a robust solution for determining cable containment sizes for construction projects. Set up primarily to address containment for Power Circuits (with future plans for ICT, fire alarm and ELV circuits), AutoCT is a Revit plug-in that interrogates BIM models, providing actionable feedback about cable sizes, cable trays, and containment through its visually appealing color-coded analysis. Based on containment color, designers and engineers can easily see which containment objects are oversized and undersized. We think this is a fantastic tool for Revit users, helping mitigate financial risks associated with construction rework. With AutoCT, owners, designers, and contractors can all be confident that their cable trays and containment meet the demands of a project's electrical distribution.

Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

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