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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” –Benjamin Franklin


Quality is critical for any company. Even if your company excels in all other areas of construction, failing to provide quality workmanship will not only doom your project, it will sink your reputation. And with the emphasis of today’s owners to push their teams to build faster and cheaper, quality work is in jeopardy. Thankfully, as the demands in construction have intensified over the recent years, technology products are being developed just as fast, helping builders stay ahead of client expectations while maintaining their lofty workmanship standards.


In the Quality category of Construction Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies manage and improve project Quality Control (minimizing defects in products) and Quality Assurance (minimizing defects in processes).


The 7 sub-categories of Quality include:

  1. Closeout:

    • As-Builts*: Tools that help field leads capture, organize, communicate and package project red-lines into an as-built submittal;

    • O&M Manuals: Tools that help field leads collect, organize and package operation and maintenance manuals into a closeout submittal;  

    • Punchlist: Tools that help field leads capture, organize, communicate and package project punchlist items;

  2. Construction Calculators: Tools that help field leads perform construction-related calculations;

  3. Checklists: Tools that help capture, record, and organize project to-do items. During the Closeout phase, this item is also called “Punchlist”;

  4. Inspections: Tools that help contractors conduct and pass scope inspections;

  5. Measuring / Layout: Tools that help field leads measure or layout work before the start of a work sequence;

  6. Permits: Tools that help field leads apply, gather and track building permits;

  7. Scanners/Radars: Tools that help field leads investigate, analyze and address as-built or hidden conditions


*For design markups during the design stage, please refer to the Design Changes/Markups sub-category of Design Review

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