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At the jobsite level, there are few things more important than production; it’s the measuring stick of every owner, it’s the passion of every superintendent, and it’s the heart and soul of every project. Field production not only establishes the rate at which project teams construct, it often establishes the pace at which all other departments operate. As soon as a jobsite finds their rhythm, the finance, operations, supply chain and design departments must all follow suit.


Finding a healthy production rhythm, however, can be difficult. Depending on the size of the team or complexity of the project, field leads may not have enough bandwidth or resources to effectively drive production, making technology essential for success. 


In the Production category of Construction Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies (and their field leads) streamline communication to subcontractors, create project schedules, track progress and create reports.


The 5 sub-categories of Production include:

  1. Daily Reporting: Tools that help field leads capture and report project work, conditions, deliveries, activities, and notes of each workday;

  2. Equipment Rental*: Marketplace platforms for which to rent jobsite equipment, vehicles and machinery;

  3. Production Management: Tools that help organize, manage, monitor and communicate work activities;

  4. Production Tracking: Tools that help capture and analyze current work-in-place;

  5. Schedule: Tools that help manage work activities , including CPM (Construction Project Management), PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) and Lean schedules


*For purchasing construction equipment, please refer to the Fleet/Equipment Management section of Office Tools

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