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One of the many reasons construction is so incredibly unique is because of its community.


Construction professionals can attest that, regardless of industry position, location or market segment, the community within the built environment is more akin to a family than an office. With their deep passion for their craft and a sacrificial care for their colleagues, there is no better ecosystem to develop as a person and as a professional than in construction. Perhaps most clearly depicted by the various trade unions, apprentices become journeymen only when they have received the required education and cultivation from their mentors. And as the world becomes more inter-connected with the Internet and mobile devices, companies and individuals now have consistent access to the community that they care so much about. 


In the Office Information category of Office Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies stay up-to-date and informed with the latest industry news and events. Whether you’re looking for educational courses or a new job, the construction community is here to help.


The 4 sub-categories of Office Resources include:

  1. Community Boards: Platforms that connect industry professionals for the purpose of cultivating engaging dialog regarding relevant topics;

  2. Educational Resources: Platforms that offer educational courses or content for the cultivation and certification of industry-specific knowledge;

  3. Job Boards: Forum for posting or applying to industry jobs;

  4. News & Information: Platforms the provide insightful, original content regarding relevant industry news, topics and events

Find the Construction Technology You Need:

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