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Resource Management

Let’s be honest, some of us joined construction because of the toys. Where else in corporate America can you find such earth-moving, ground-shaking, brick-breaking, diesel-fueled fun than on the jobsite? As construction companies grow, the types and size of equipment required to complete each new project must also evolve.


In the Resource Management category of Office Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies find, purchase, manage, monitor, sell and maintain company-managed assets, such as vehicles, machinery and equipment. Additionally, this section includes tools that are helping companies manage their greatest asset; labor.


The 2 sub-categories of Fleet/Equipment Management include:

  1. Equipment Management*: Tools that help find, purchase, manage, monitor and maintain jobsite equipment;

  2. Fleet Management: Tools that help find, purchase, manage, monitor and maintain commercial vehicles;

  3. Labor**: Tools that help manage current employees and labor;

  4. RTLS: Tools that provide Real-Time Location Systems; helping companies manage/monitor assets and resources


*For renting or leasing construction equipment, please refer to the Equipment Rentals sub-category of Production

**For finding jobsite labor or employees, please refer to Office Information

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