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Fleet & Equipment Management

Let’s be honest, some of us joined construction because of the toys. Where else in corporate America can you find such earth-moving, ground-shaking, brick-breaking, diesel-fueled fun than on the jobsite? As construction companies grow, the types and size of equipment required to complete each new project must also evolve.


In the Fleet/Equipment Management category of Office Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies find, purchase, manage, monitor, sell and maintain company-owned vehicles, machinery and equipment.


The 2 sub-categories of Fleet/Equipment Management include:

  1. Fleet Management: Tools that help find, purchase, manage, monitor and maintain commercial vehicles;

  2. Equipment Management*: Tools that help find, purchase, manage, monitor and maintain jobsite equipment


*For renting or leasing construction equipment, please refer to the Equipment Rentals sub-category of Production

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