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Design Visualization

Let’s face it, we all know people who lack imagination. Whether you’re a contractor working with a homeowner or a developer pitching an idea to equity investors, for some people, 2D designs are nothing more than lifeless drawings on a page. As technology improves, however, the methods in which we communicate designs are also improving. Smart devices are equipping designers with the unprecedented ability to accurately and stunningly articulate their vision to previously uninspired listeners with unprecedented photorealistic clarity. 


In the Design Visualization category of Design Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that hare helping construction companies visually communicate project designs to stakeholders.


The 3 sub-categories of Design Visualization include:

  1. Augmented Reality (AR): Tools that superimpose 3D digital designs onto real-life backgrounds, often in real-time;

  2. Rendering Software: Tools that render project design files into visual artwork;

  3. Virtual Reality (VR): Tools that stage 3D project models within a virtual environment

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