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Project designs are rarely produced in a vacuum. Often, owners, stakeholders, consultants, users and clients all take turns weighing-in, offering reviews, feedback and direction until a final, mutually agreed-upon design can be established. Even after designs have been finalized, changes may be required during the construction phase as a result of unforeseen conditions, subcontractor RFIs, field conflicts, product submittals, site conditions and client changes.


As a result, establishing an unhindered feedback loop between departments, project teams and companies is essential for designers to arrive at a final, accurate and buildable set of designs. Without these collaborative efforts, the design phase can drag on, becoming incredibly costly and potentially threatening project delivery dates. 


In the Design Review category of Design Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies (and their designers) streamline team collaboration essential for finalizing project designs.


The 3 sub-categories of Design Review include:

  1. Clash Detection: Tools that allows users to overlay distinct design files into a combined package, exposing the design conflicts (or clashes) that need correction;

  2. Design Changes/Markups*: Tools that capture, organize and share feedback, reviews, direction and notes regarding project designs;

  3. Design Collaboration: Tools that facilitate communication amongst teams regarding project designs


*For design markups during the construction stage, please refer to the As-Builts sub-category of Quality

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