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Are you talking to me?


The construction industry has a long, sad tradition of poor communication; between offices, between departments, between project teams, between Contractor and Subcontractor. Even the biggest, most impressive builders aren’t immune to these problems, still succumbing to fax machines, snail mail, and brick phones to get their messages across. And if this reality doesn’t define your organization, it probably defines some of the subcontractors with whom you’re struggling to communicate.


Every year (and sometimes several times a year), better smart devices are unveiled that are creating improved modes of connectivity. As communication pipelines are established and continually updated, connection breakdowns that have long-defined construction are becoming something of the past.


In the Electronic Communication category Office Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies (and their staff) electronically (visually, audibly and textually) dialog.


The 6 sub-categories of Electronic Communication include:

  1. Collaboration: Tools that provide a shared workspaces for teams working together on a particular project or task;

  2. Conference Call: Tools that allow a group of individuals to digitally communicate on a single, consolidated phonecall;

  3. Instant Messaging: Tools that allow individuals or teams to quickly communicate via digital messages;

  4. Note Sharing: Tools that allow teams to collaboratively create, organize, share and store notes;

  5. Telepresence: Tools that allow individuals to establish a virtual, real-time presence from a remote location;

  6. Video Calls: Tools that allow individuals to both audibly and visually interface

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