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In the ultra-competitive environment of construction buyout where profit margins are razor-thin, a single estimating blunder can jeopardize the health of any organization. Whether it’s a grossly over-valued estimate or a negligently under-valued one, it is essential for construction companies to quickly submit accurate bids so they can win work while maintaining profitability. 


In the Buyout category of Construction Tools, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping construction companies identify, buy, sell and evaluate scopes of work.

The 5 sub-categories of Buyout include: 

  1. Construction Cost Data: Whether it's the popular RS Means or otherwise, this is the market information that builders rely to establish material costs;

  2. Estimating: Tools that help contractors identify and evaluate scopes of work for which to sell to subcontractors;

  3. Invitation to Bid (ITB): Tools that help contractors request proposals from subcontractors, plus manage, organize, and analyze subcontractor bids;  

  4. Sub Networks (& Pre-Qualification): The platforms for which to find and/or qualify subcontractors;

  5. Takeoff: Tools that help subcontractors identify and evaluate scopes of work for which to buy from contractors

Find the Construction Technology You Need:

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