Project Management, Single-Point Solution

At one time (and sometimes still today), the construction industry was the king of data silos. Different software products were used to manage each workflow; accounting, estimating, RFIs, submittals, subcontracts, design collaboration (and more). Oftentimes, creating a messy network of non-responsive, non-flexible, headache-inducing technologies that left most contractors frustrated and overwhelmed.

Thankfully, that era is quickly fading. 

As new and more-responive technology solutions are being introduced to the industry, we are seeing single-point project management products effectively controlling project outcomes without the traditional negative cost/time impacts. Eliminating the waste of superfluous technology, single-point project management solutions will streamline workflows from cradle-to-grave, and provide the flexibility and scalability required by most contractors.

The Project Management Workflow includes products that assist with; pre-construction, construction, closeout, handoff, facility management, equipment management, design, administrative tasks, communication, resource management, reporting, accounting, estimating, document management, scheduling, inoperability, mobile apps and more.