Mobile Drawing Viewer

One of construction's largest administrative expense comes from the design department...and I'm not talking about the creeping design swell from sneaky architects. Between packaging PDFs, printing design sets, shipping drawings to all parties, burning CDs and the labor force required to keep field sets up-to-date, your entire office budget is blown before you pour your first yard of concrete.

The built environment has made great strides in alleviating constraints associated with drawing management. Using your laptop and mobile device, you can now access all the latest construction drawings, including red-lines, design updates, RFI responses and more.

In this section, Blue Collar Labs will be checking out the technologies that are enabling foremen to have the latest and greatest plans in the palms of their hands.

The Mobile Drawing Viewer Workflow includes products that assist with: design integration with smart devices, drawing management, design updates, markup communication, sharing latest/greatest designs across all platforms (teams, contractors, crews, offices, departments, etc.), drawing hyperlinking, punch-list, issues-tracking, safety concerns and more.