Inspection Compliance (& Checklists)

It was my first day as a project engineer when my haggard project manager told me that learning construction was the same as drinking from a fire-hose. Since then, the list of analogies used to define construction has yet to cease; rushing rivers, herding cats, fire-fighting, babysitting, trench-warfare, and many more I cannot remember.

At the end of the day, much of construction can be boiled down to variable-control and issue-tracking. And up until now, it's been nearly impossible to capture and filter through all the information that exists on any particular jobsite. With recent advancements in technology, however, teams have now found it easier to anticipate, track and resolve project deficiencies as soon as they arise.

In this section, Blue Collar Labs will explore the technology products that help with tracking, managing and alleviating all general on-site issues and deficiencies. Whether it be quality compliance questions, inspection forms, jobsite audits or closeout, these jobsite tools were created to help you succeed.

The Inspection Compliance Workflow includes products that assist with: incomplete work, general checklists, audit templates, quality control, quality assurance, contractor compliance, issue tracking, closeout, task management, deficiency lists and more. 

For department-specific compliance tools, such as environmental and safety, or for custom forms, please check out their corresponding workflow pages.