Design Collaboration

Projects do not succeed without collaboration.

This isn't breaking news for the AEC, however, countless companies allow data silos to exist within project teams, often obstructing the flow of critical information between departments. And this problem is perhaps most apparent in design. 

Consider the architects, engineers, consultants, clients, contractors and your on-site crews that provide input into your designs. Now add the constant traffic of RFIs, ASIs, ESIs, shop drawings, product submittals, unforeseen site conditions and changes between the office and the field. Is your architect confident that his designs capture all project-related issues? Is your on-site superintendent constructing from the latest-and-greatest issued-for-construction set? If not, what are the potential cost implications? 

In this section, Blue Collar Labs explores the technology products that are helping project teams better communicate design changes and avoid costly mistakes.

The Design Collaboration Workflow includes products that assist with: markups, change communication, design sharing, online planrooms, collaborative models, design visualizations, clash-detection, model fly-throughs, change-tracking and more.