Safety Compliance

The first and number one rule for any organization is that each worker goes home in the same condition they arrived. No exceptions. 

No matter its high priority, however, safety is still incredibly difficult to control. As a result, we see an ever-growing need for additional safety measures; SSHOs, OSHA inspections, EM-385 guidelines, MSDSs, site-orientations, toolbox talks, JHA/AHAs, competent persons, project signatures, to name a few.

In this section, Blue Collar Labs will review the construction technology tools that are giving the industry more control over safety risk.

The Safety Compliance Workflow includes products that assist with: safety observations, digital signatures, OSHA/EM385 compliance, safety issues tracking, incident reporting, near-miss reporting, accident reporting, toolbox talks, site orientation documents, labor tracking, evacuation strategies, and more.