Product Name: EHS Tracker 2.0

Company Name: Safety Tracker Software

President/CEO: Luis Rodriguez

Headquarters: Park Caguas, Puerto Rico

Founded: 2010

Employees: 1-10


EHS Tracker 2.0 by Safety Tracker Software is a computer software product and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that alleviates Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance constraints as a primary workflow solution. Primarily for safety, EHS Tracker 2.0 is a tool specific for compliance managers responsible for overseeing health, safety, environmental compliance and quality control. This all-in-one tool provides solutions from preconstruction through the end of the construction lifecycle. Access EHS Tracker 2.0 through your computer desktop application or your internet web-portal.

Secondary Workflows/Features


  • Audit/Inspections
  • Competence Profiles
  • Incident Management
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • OSHA 300 & 300A
  • Statistics & Incident Rates


  • Audit Management
  • Emissions Inventory
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Permit Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting & KPIs

Quality Control

  • Corrective Actions
  • Documentation Archives
  • Learning Management
  • My Task Scheduler
  • NCR Management
  • Training Management

System Requirements

Windows OS


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Last Updated 12/2015