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Blue Collar Labs is in the business of informing and educating our viewership on all things construction technology. We understand, however, that there are far more industry topics than we could ever hope to cover. So in our efforts to empower you with the requisite knowledge to make informed technology decisions, we will gladly point you to the people and resources Blue Collar Labs readily trusts.

Trusted Thought Leaders

Aarni Heiskanen, AEC-Business

Aarni Heiskanen is a Finnish business consultant for built environment innovators and game changers, managing partner at AE Partners and co-founder of Thinking Portfolio. Earning a master's degree in architecture, Aarni worked as an architect and R&D manager until mid-1990, when he then transitioned to internet services. In 2004, Aarni was awarded the world class qualification of Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Aarni continues to elevate the AEC through his tireless efforts as author, business educator, blogger and podcaster at AEC Business.

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Photo Credit: Anna Dammert

Photo Credit: Anna Dammert

Photo Credit: ConAppGuru

Photo Credit: ConAppGuru

Robert McKinney, ConAppGuru

Rob McKinney is the founder and the face behind AEC technology forum, ConAppGuru. With over 14 years of construction experience, Rob's contagious passion for technology has helped an entire industry better understand the power and rewards of embracing innovation. Rob is an active member of the AGC Georgia Technology Committee and AGC of America IT Forum, and has written for such publications as Constructech, The Construction Specifier, AEC Magazine, Engineering Industry News, and more.

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Robert McManamy, BuiltWorlds

Editor-in-chief at Chicago-based BuiltWorlds, Rob is an award-winning trade journalist who first started writing about design and construction in 1987. A graduate of both the University of Virginia and The John Marshall Law School, he is the former Midwest Bureau Chief of Engineering News-Record and former editor-in-chief of both Design-Build and Building Design + Construction magazines. 

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Photo Credit: BuiltWorlds

Photo Credit: BuiltWorlds

Photo Credit: Extranet Evolution

Photo Credit: Extranet Evolution

Paul Wilkinson, Extranet Evolution

Paul Wilkinson is a construction information technology specialist with extensive experience of the UK architecture, engineering, construction and ICT markets (among others). Operating as an industry writer, speaker and consultant, Paul is the champion author behind tech blog, Extranet Evolution, in addition to his independent consultancy at

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