Subcategory: Mobile App Builder

Product Name: Flowfinity

Company Name: Flowfinity Wireless

President/CEO: Dmitry Mikhailov

Headquarters: Vancouver, CA

Founded: 2000

Employees: 11-50


Flowfinity Wireless is a platfrom for creating and implementing your own custom, mobile applications, alleviating Compliance constraints as a primary workflow solution. Replace paper forms and spreadsheets with enterprise-class mobile applications that can gather, organize and communicate information in real-time. With Flowfinity's 3-step process, create your own unique mobile application, choose your desired mobile platform and choose how you want your solution to integrate with your enterprise. Access Flowfinity Wireless applications using your Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Secondary Workflows/Features


Choose Your Device
Customized Workflows
Flexible Integrations
No Coding

Offline Mode
Priority Access
Two-Way Transactions
Unlimited Apps


Mobile Platform



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Last Updated 12/2015