Subcategory: Performance Analysis

Product Name: DESTINI Profiler

Company Name: Beck Technology Ltd

COO: Stewart Carroll

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Founded: 1996

Employees: 11-50


DESTINI Profiler (or DProfiler) by Beck Technology is a computer software product that alleviates Performance Analysis constraints as a primary workflow solution. Operating as a standalone solution within the suite of DESTINI products, sketch 3D models and receive instant feedback on data such as cost, energy, lifecycle, cut and fill, and schedule. Leveraging inforation such as lean methodology, IPD and target value design, use DProfiler to calculate tradeoffs and make intelligent project decisions, achieving optimal solutions your clients. Access DESTINI Profiler through your computer desktop application. 

Secondary Workflows/Features


3D Modeling
Customizable Reporting
Flexible Data Consumption
Integrated Analysis

Multiple Project Starting Points
Rapid Alternatives
Risk Mitigation
Stakeholder Engagement


System Requirements

Windows OS

Recommended Integrations

DESTINI EstimatorDESTINI Optioneer


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Last Updated 12/2015