Subcategory: Estimating

Product Name: DESTINI Estimator

Company Name: Beck Technology Ltd

COO: Stewart Carroll

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Founded: 1996

Employees: 11-50



DESTINI Estimator by Beck Technology is a computer software product that alleviates Estimating constraints as a primary workflow solution. Operating as both a stand-alone and suite product, DESTINI Estimator provides real-world intelligence to help solve complex construction estimating problems. It's straight-forward design integrates with other software programs to provide a powerful end-to-end tool. Access DESTINI Estimator through your computer desktop application. 

Secondary Workflows/Features


All-Access Dashboard
Custom Reporting
Filter Flexibility

Live Data Analysis
Software Integration
nlimited Sorting Capabilities


System Requirements

Windows OS

Recommended Integrations

DESTINI Optioneer, DESTINI Profiler


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Last Updated 12/2015