Product Name: Crowdkeep Time + Analytics

Company Name: Crowdkeep

Founder: Jad Boustany, Michael Frye

Headquarters: Washington, DC

Founded: 2012

Employees: 11-50


Crowdkeep Time is a mobile application and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that alleviates Time & Attendance constraints as a primary workflow solution. Crowdkeep Time helps supervisors better manage jobsite production, track employee hours, calculate wages and ensure regulatory compliance from the field. Additionally, it provides a platform for field personnel to log in their own production hours. Access Crowdkeep Time through your internet web-portal, or on your Apple iOS or Android mobile devices.

Crowdkeep Analytics, a hardware integration for Crowdkeep Time, provides automatic time tracking through Bluetooth and iBeacon devices.

Secondary Workflows/Features

Crowdkeep Time

Labor Hours
Multiple Levels of Approval
Regulatory Compliance
Software Integration
Wage Calculations 

Crowdkeep Analytics

Automatic Time Tracking
Eliminated Timesheets
Hardware Integration
Multiple Levels of Approval
Software Integration

System Requirements

Bluetooth (Crowdkeep Analytics ONLY)
iBeacon (Crowdkeep Analytics ONLY)

Mobile Platform


Recommended Integrations

aDP, Paychex, Intuit Quickbooks, Sage, Slack


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Last Updated 11/2015