Subcategory: BIM Documents

Product Name: Buzzsaw

Company Name: Autodesk

CEO: Carl Bass

Headquarters: San Rafael, CA

Founded: 1982

Employees: 5001-10,000


Buzzsaw by Autodesk is a computer software product, mobile application and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that alleviates BIM Document Management constraints as a primary workflow solution. Integrating with Autodesk Navisworks or Autodesk Revit, Buzzsaw offers tools for documentation, data management, modeling and design visualization. Access Buzzsaw through your computer desktop application, internet web-portal, or through your Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Secondary Workflows/Features


Advanced Searh
Audit Trail
Bid Manager
Construction Forms

Data Management
Design Collaboration
Design Visualization
Online Project Management
riority Access


System Requirements

Windows OS

Parent Platform

Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Revit

Mobile Platform


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Last Updated 12/2015