Touchplan Updates: Release 17

by ELIZABETH LONG, Touchplan

This article was originally posted to the Touchplan blog on August 6, 2016.

We are excited to announce our newest additions to Touchplan.  We have upgraded Reports with crew count total and locations and allow users to set Project Level Settings for Work Schedule and Variance Reasons
We will be reviewing everything this week.  Click on the date to join us when we cover all the changes: Tuesday @ 2:30pm ESTWednesday @ 12:00pm EST and Thursday @ 4:00pm EST.

Report Upgrades

Location in Reports

Our last release introduced the Locations to tickets - you can now filter reports by location. This will allow your team to evaluate your flow in a specific area of your project. 

Crew Count Totals in Reports

When you pull the Weekly Work Plan you can see the total number of crew members scheduled for a location, plan or trade. Join us next week and we will review these changes to reports.

Location on Constraints

We have also added the location tag as an option when creating constraints. 

Project Settings

We have added some ways to make the managing your project easier with the Project Settings tool.

Variance Reasons

If you are an administrator on the project you can change the list of items that can be selected as a reason for variance when a task is statused early or late. Learn more about variances here.
If you have already used a Variance Reason, you cannot delete it, but you can change the name of the variance or add more to the list. 

Work Calendar

You can also set the project wide regular work calendar, so if your job is always working on Saturday and Sunday, you can set the calendar to reflect that so tasks will be scheduled on those days.  

Exception days

You can highlight and exclude Holidays from your schedule using the Exception Day tool. Simply enter in the date you want to exclude from your schedule. You will see that date in gray on your plan and tickets will skip that date unless they are specifically scheduled for that date.

Promise Period Button

The Promise button has moved to always be visible on the plan - previously it got lost in the scroll of the tickets.  Remember to conclude your your weekly meeting by promising your tasks for the upcoming weeks. 

We will be reviewing all of the changes this week on a webinar! Click here to register to join us.