Admission to Y Combinator - Interview of Ali El Hariri, CEO of BulldozAIR

by BulldozAIR

BulldozAIR has been selected to join the next Y Combinator batch. The task management app for technical teams has been chosen among more than 10,000 applicants to join the 2016 promotion, which has gathered around 100 distinguished startups.

More than 1000 startups have been funded by Y Combinator since its creation in 2005. Among them, 8 developed as “unicorns”, which means that their valuation went over one billion dollars and they became global leaders. These include AirBnB and Dropbox, which are two such leaders that have been actively taking part in the growth of this exceptional community.

Watch the interview of Ali El Hariri, co-founder and CEO of BulldozAIR.