AEC Hackathons – Interview with Teemu Lehtinen


This article was originally published to AEC Business on April 23, 2016.

In this podcast interview I talk with Teemu Lehtinen, Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University, about AEC Hackathons. The AEC Hackathon gives those designing, building, and maintaining our built environment the opportunity to collaborate with cutting edge technologies and its developers and designers. It’s a weekend of ‘geek-sourcing’ for improving the industries that affect all that live or work in a house or building. It has become a global community of innovators that include all elements of the built environment.

Teemu was the organizer of the first Finnish AEC Hackathon in November 2015. My company, AE Partners, was one of the supporters of the event. Teemu is now organizing the second hackathon that will kick off on June 3, 2016,  at Sweco in Helsinki.

Who should attend?

Quoting from “AEC Professionals – This also includes Facilities Managers, GIS Specialists, Public Utilities, Policy Makers, and everyone that deals with the built environment. Come with your industry experience and the problems you want to solve. Tech Developers – We need tech ninjas, makers, game programmers, and rebels that code. Come to hack with new hardware and tech all in the name of doing something crazy and fantastic–and helpful. UI/UX Designers – We need people like you to make everything look beautiful, work intuitively, and create a stellar user experience. Great applications require great design.”

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Aarni Heiskanen is the managing partner at AE Partners and co-founder of Thinking Portfolio. Based out of Finland, Aarni boasts 15 years of experience within the design community, both as an architect and as an architectural R&D pioneer. More recently, Aarni has become an industry thought-leader via his books, articles, blogs and podcast.