Clockedin - What's it all about?

by Clockedin

As a market leader in our field of construction, development and renovation, our one major frustration was the inability for accurately recording the hours and attendance of our employees and subcontractors. Time sheets were onerous, inaccurate and frequently illegible. We developed the Clockedin software as the perfect time monitoring management tool.

Clockedin is now a leading supplier of Time and Attendance software. We have a philosophy to keep it simple, easy to use and most of all for it to be effective. Our approach is to provide our customers with clear and concise data. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and adopt a consultative rather than a sales -- driven approach. Our smart phone apps are compatible with IPhones, IPads and android phones and tablets.

Clockedin is an ideal and cost effective solution for use in all business arenas where a company employs a mobile or 'non office based' workforce.