April Touchplan Update: Reports and Promise Period Button

by ELIZABETH LONG, Touchplan

This article was originally published to the Touchplan blog on April 15, 2016. 

This release includes upgrades to Touchplan’s reporting functionality and a New Promise Button.

New Promise Button

When your tasks in the Promise Period are set – use this button to get the pins on your tickets and start tracking your PPC.  (This is an admin only function) Learn more about Touchplan and PPC.


Accessing reports is easier than ever – get to your Reports quickly in the plan view.  Click “Menu” then “Reports” to refine your report.

Updates to PPC Reports

All three of our existing PPC reports (PPC By Week, PPC By Role & PPC By Variance) have been enhanced to give you more detailed information.  Totals of “Promises Made” and “Promises Met” are now shown in the graph bars as well as a separate table.  These reports can help make your weekly meetings easier and faster – check out our list of things NOT to do in at your weekly meetings.

New Reports

We have added two new PPC reports.   You can now display PPC Variance By Role and PPC Variance By Week. Both of these new reports are valuable tools when doing retrospectives on your projects. We will be covering examples of teams using these reports on our release review – register now.