PlanGrid for Windows


This article was originally published to the PlanGrid blog on November 02, 2015.

What is PlanGrid for Windows?

PlanGrid for Windows lets you use PlanGrid on Windows laptops, desktop computers, and tablets—both online and offline. Aside from some Windows-specific functions, it will behave a lot like PlanGrid’s iOS and Android apps, making it easy to use (check out the screenshots at the bottom of this post!).

  Courtesy of PlanGrid

Courtesy of PlanGrid

Can I use PlanGrid for Windows instead of

PlanGrid for Windows is not a complete replacement for The website is still the only place where you can set up projects and manage teams.

What are the operating system requirements to run PlanGrid for Windows?

PlanGrid for Windows runs on any computer, laptop, or tablet that runs Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 with internet connectivity. Although it still works offline, it needs to connect to the internet periodically in order to sync. Small tablets (like the HP Stream 7) will work, but are not recommended.

Will PlanGrid for Windows work with touch tablets?

Yes. PlanGrid will switch easily between touch, pen, and mouse controls so you can move from laptop to tablet (and back) effortlessly.

When will PlanGrid for Windows be available?

PlanGrid for Windows will be available in Q1 2016, and will include full annotation functionality. For the first time, your team will be able to work together—across all platforms.

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