INFOGRAPHIC: Construction Industry Survey Results

by The Blue Book Network

This article was originally published to The Blue Book Network blog on February 24, 2016.

We asked. You answered. Here are the results from our 2015 construction industry survey, in the form of an infographic.

 Courtesy of The Blue Book Network

Courtesy of The Blue Book Network

By The Numbers

84% of participants feel the industry will accelerate, 65% plan on increasing business development, and 72% plan to increase their staff in 2016. Regarding the effects of the Affordable Care Act on business, most participants felt that there would be a negative effect or no effect on business, while only a few felt there would be a positive effect.

55% of participants reported that new projects are found via word of mouth, more than sales & marketing, the internet, or other means. However, most participants reported that daily business transactions are conducted on desktop computer and mobile devices, as opposed to office phones or fax.

Regarding the growth of the industry, most participants felt that the construction industry will see the same or more growth than national growth, with 51% saying “There’s always room for more work!”

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