Aecore: Introducing the Modern RFI

by CASEY BELL, Aecore

This article was originally published to the Aecore blog on February 2, 2016.

An RFI is a request for information. Sounds simple, right? As we all know, there are a thousand more steps in between the question and answer process. An RFI can easily get lost when you use tools such as email and excel, to distribute and track your most critical information. The next thing you know, fingers start pointing, change orders start flying and your project is delayed.

That’s why we built the fastest and most collaborative way to create and distribute an RFI.

 Credit: Aecore

Credit: Aecore

Creating an RFI is simple with Aecore.

  1. Click new RFI and fill out the information on one page (no complicated tabs or useless buttons)
  2. Assign your architect once as the default collaborator to save you time
  3. Don’t worry about email size limits. Easily attach photos or marked up PDF’s to the RFI
  4. Click submit if your ready or you can click save draft for later
  5. Once submitted, pass the ball in court if the RFI requires input from multiple parties
  6. Save time with centralized communication using the comment section so everyone knows the history of the answer
  7. Didn’t get the right answer? Create a revision to the RFI with one click
  8. The best part? You can distribute the answered RFI to your subs directly from Aecore. Easily know who received the RFI and when. Even have record of who viewed the RFI to eliminate excuses!

Don’t a victim of outdated construction software. Sign up and start sending RFI’s for FREE today.