SiteDocs Digital Workplace Safety Demo

by SiteDocs

SiteDocs is a digital workplace health & safety management system. It allows you to do all your safety forms on the iPad app and have them instantly available when you login to your account online. You can finally go paperless and move your safety program from paper and filing cabinets to the web. Not only do you benefit from enhanced forms with photos and automatic time stamps, but all the forms are automatically stored and organized by project, date, and type of form. Think of it like a digital filing cabinet. 

SiteDocs allows you to use the iPad app for tool box talks and field audits and even lets you track employee training and certification. It’s an end to end tool to manage all of your workplace safety and worksafe requirements. Get out from under the sea of paper work and get all the benefits of moving your occupational health and safety system to a digital platform. 

SiteDocs is customizable and works in any industry safety program including construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, paving, mining, and more...

SiteDocs is also a huge time save when you are doing your COR audit. All your forms are easy to find and you can download and print forms with a few clicks.