iAuditor iOS 4.0.7 Released

by SafetyCulture

This article was originally published to the SafetyCulture blog on February 10, 2016.

iAuditor 4.0.7 for iOS is now available with the following changes:

What’s new?

  • Now when selecting addresses for your audits, you will be taken to a new, dedicated screen. This resolves an issue where people could accidentally close their audits when trying to select an address.
  • You can now choose what type of data can be placed in a text field. For example, you can have text fields for inputting numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, or contacts from your address book.

What have we improved?

  • The “Yes, No, N/A” and the “Safe, At Risk, N/A” response sets will now be translated when running non-English versions of the app.
  • Improved the experience of writing text on an image when using the annotation and drawing tools.

What have we fixed?

  • Fixed a critical issue in the template editor that was triggered when selecting a photo for the template image.
  • Fixed an issue where iAuditor would close when searching for Chinese names in the sharing screen.
  • Fixed a problem where changing responses in the template editor would cause iAuditor to close.
  • Other minor graphical and performance improvements.

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