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by GARI NICKSON, GenieBelt

This article was originally posted to the GenieBelt blog on February 20, 2016.

Why would I choose to use software for construction in the days when I was based on sites, had it been available?

Well, if I was working away from home and could only look to the pleasure of grabbing a carry-out to eat, then sitting in a motel room for the evening, I did not mind being stuck on site for extra couple of hours to deal with the day’s paperwork. Being a meticulous soul I always made very sure that every single piece of paper was correctly filed. That meant that I could easily find it again and so could anyone else who looked at the tags on the filing cabinets and lever arch files. Mind you the space taken up for all the filing was a bind and often required an additionalcontainer to be hired.

 Courtesy of GenieBelt

Courtesy of GenieBelt

The downside of all this was that only I or people visiting site had access to all the project information. So often this information was not disseminated to everyone requiring it and, in any case, it took three days to reach me using the postal services. Another common fault was the very slow response to communications I sent out such as RFI’s.

I also kept site diaries; one was the official site diary, the other was a personal diary with information which I did not want making visible to anyone else. What I had my personal diary was used for either forensic delay analysis or police investigations.

Now, the above was applicable when I was working away from home. IfI was travelling from home on a daily basis I would far rather have had that couple of hours at home being nagged into doing D.I.Y. jobs. However it is now a decade later and we live in the technological era. With our modern gadgets we could sit in our hotel rooms and watch TV, play games on our laptops or chat to the wife and family using Skype.

In today’s world GenieBelt software for construction is my choice. With GenieBelt I can sit at my desk top computer, on the sofa with my laptop or on the beach in sunny Spain with my smart phone and know everything that is going on, on any construction project which I am involved. And I am not alone! So can everyone else, from the client down to the gangerman on-site. Construction mobile apps are great! And what a time saver! Think of the gangerman; if he needs additional information he no longer has to go looking for the site manager who would request it either by telephone or letter.

With GenieBelt for construction the gangerman simply jots down what wants to know on his tablet or phoneGenieBelt App and instantly whoever needs to tell him has it instantly in front of them. Not only that, but everyone else involved in the project knows that the answer is required. This is a terrific incentive to make sure the information comes back fast.


GenieBelt software for construction is a terrific time and money saver. It also has a sneaky advantage which GenieBelt personnel would be loath to claim on its behalf, but I will. Simply because GenieBelt focuses attention on the projects for which it is used, it has possibility of accelerating projects so that they complete ahead of time and give additional profits from saved site overhead costs.

Make sure you use GenieBelt - Software for Construction as your construction mobile app!