CompanyCam Customer Success: Western Heating & Air Conditioning


This article was originally published to the CompanyCam blog in February 2016.

How We Simplified Sales in the HVAC Industry

Dennis is an expert sales consultant at Western Heating & Air Conditioning. He’s found a new way to simplify things for his sales team using CompanyCam, and here’s what he has to say about how they’re using the app.

Dark, Dingy Ductwork

Our work takes us to dark, dingy and dirty areas —like crawlspaces for example— we don’t expect our customers to crawl down there and see what we’re seeing. But, there are a lot of issues that the customer needs to know about. We used to try to explain the damage that we find to the homeowners, but now we use CompanyCam.

We can take a bunch of pictures with CompanyCam, and we can show the customer exactly what’s going on. I show them right on my phone the pictures I’ve just taken and then we can make a quick decision about how to resolve the issue.

Collaborate & Solve Problems

There are always those jobs that you get out to, and well, it’s kind of a head-scratcher— it’s always good to be able to ask everyone on our team to help find a solution. We used to try and call each other and describe the situation and that just didn’t work out very well.

Now we can take several pictures right then and there, and our whole team can see the same pictures immediately on CompanyCam.

“CompanyCam makes it so simple to collaborate.”

Scan, Print and Get to Work

Just like every other contractor, we have a lot of important papers we’re shuffling around at every job site. I’m excited about the new scanning feature. We’ll be able to scan everything and keep it all organized per job site. Sometimes we have a customer sign a new bid on the job site and it’ll be nice to scan it and know it is saved with the photos from that location.

CompanyCam saves us time every day when we take pictures of the equipment on a job site, prior to install. Our installers can get right to work when they arrive because they already know what they will be installing, exactly where it is and what everything looks like.

Part of the process for our team is printing out photos for our job folders. CompanyCam makes it simple and it’s a huge a time-saver to just print the pictures directly from CompanyCam.

"Using CompanyCam has made a real, pointed difference"
 Credit: CompanyCam | Ready for anything.

Credit: CompanyCam | Ready for anything.

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