CompanyCam - Your Window From the Office to the Field

by CompanyCam

CompanyCam allows your company to easily take photos and notes the automatically organize themselves based on where they were taken.

Those photos stream to the cloud in real time so that anyone in your company can have instant access to the information being collected out in the field.

CompanyCam was developed with the construction industry in mind. Construction companies waste a lot of time trying to upload, rename, organize, and then share their photos. CompanyCam cuts out all those steps and makes it a piece of cake to collect and organize photos and notes.

Beyond just taking photos; CompanyCam makes it possible to write notes that will stay attached to a photo. When you photos and notes are properly organized and in the same place they're almost impossible to lose!

Oh yeah, and you can draw on photos too! Many people use CompanyCam to draw measurements or highlight important areas in the photos.