Canvas Release Notes: Department Functionality

by JASON GOOD, Canvas

This article was originally published to the Canvas blog on January 22, 2016. 

Department Functionality, which is only available if you are on our Professional plan, will allow you to configure Canvas to match your company's structure.  This will allow different departments within your company to create and manage their own Canvas Apps without tripping over each other.  Canvas Apps for your sales department can be kept and managed separately from Canvas Apps that your service department needs, for example.

Canvas Apps, Reference Data, users, Reference Images and Submission data can all be separated by Departments.  You can assign different roles to each user that you give access to a Department, too.  Each team at your company can utilize Canvas the way they need to without getting their stuff mixed in with everyone else's.

 Credit: Courtesy of Canvas

Credit: Courtesy of Canvas

There are a few help topics out there to assist you with this new functionality.

If you need a hand, please do not hesitate to contact our team here at Canvas to help out. Please contact to set up a live demo or discuss moving to the Professional plan to get this feature.