Canvas: 8 Steps to Ace an OSHA Inspection


Would you be ready if the OSHA inspector showed up today? Would your staff be prepared to spring into action? says that 2015 will be “the year of inspections” for OSHA, as the agency increases the number of inspections it performs and expands the list of organizations that are required to keep records. Regulations change frequently and penalties can be severe.

Fines and violations can soar for serious or willful violations, so it’s critical not only to do frequent self-inspections, but also to understand exactly what is required of you — and what your rights are — during an on-site inspection.

So how can you make sure you are prepared for an inspection and create a safe work environment for your employees?

Download our checklist, 8 Steps to Ace an OSHA Inspection to get started. 

Michael Benedict is the Application Store VP for New York-based software company Canvas. Since joining Canvas in 2011, Benedict has been involved with building out the Canvas Application Store, developing a global partner reseller network and creating content specific to industry verticals.