Construction Business Owner: Raken App Spotlight

by Construction Business Owner

According to Lee Mills, Raken's vice president of sales and marketing, Raken is the simplest, quickest way to do daily reporting on the jobsite.

“A lot of companies have complex project management software, but they aren’t user friendly. So users look to an easy application like Raken,” Mills said.

How do I get it? The app is available for download on iOS and Android systems for tablets, mobile phones and computers.

How does it work? Employees on the jobsite use voice-to-text technology to file reports or type the report in manually using a mobile device. The app automatically captures location-specific details, such as the weather on the particular jobsite at the time that the report is made. Reports can be stored for up to 10 years; Raken stores the reports themselves.

Why do I need it? Mills said the app is a must-have for several different reasons:

  • Compliance: “Often, construction companies don’t know if a daily report is done. Our system will alert business owners when a daily report is missing for a particular project.”
  • Notifications: “There is usually no way of knowing about all the accidents or delays in the field – but our app delivers notifications to the entire team easily and efficiently.”
  • Search and Find: “A lot of times, project reports for a 2 to 5-year-old project are lost in the abyss, but Raken’s search functionality makes it easy to find older reports.”
  • API access: “Our reports can plug directly into Quickbooks; employees in the office can tag photos and automatic emails to go along with the report.”
  • Customization: “Every user can customize the report to his or her tastes: with the company logo, daily reminders and unlimited HD photos to attach to the report.”
  • Customer support: “Every user gets a phone call to ensure the app is running smoothly for their company, and we offer webinars and tutorials for app integration.”

How much does it cost? Annually, there are three different cost levels: basic ($12 per user, per month), professional ($30) and performance ($37). Month-to-month subscriptions and a free trial period are also available.

Current Users: According to Mills, the app has thousands of customers and hundreds of trial users each day.

Rating: 4 ½ Stars in the App Store

For more information, visit Raken.