KO Punchlist Preview

by KO Punchlist

KO Punchlist is the first mobile project close-out and punch list application that takes advantage of Apple iPad and iPad Mini’s true power and functionality. With KO Punchlist, you can knockout your punch list and close-out your project efficiently without cumbersome physical sets of documents, drawings, photos, or additional tools before leaving the job site.


  • Create an interactive, professional, fully functional punch list with integrated media and specifications from your fingertips.
  • Intuitive functionality creates little to ZERO learning curve.
  • Easily share your punch list via email in either PDF or PUNCH format at any stage of the project.
  • Effortlessly combine punch lists created by other team members.
  • Detailed punch list items can be created, tracked and managed extremely efficiently and effectively with our filter, search and statistics features.
  • Connectivity via Drop Box™, Box™, Google Drive™, OneDrive™, and FTP, among others.