ConAppGuru: Apps to Watch in Construction for 2015

by ROB McKINNEY, ConAppGuru

What are the Apps to Watch in 2015 for use on Construction Projects? In this continuing series from the ConAppGuru I am pointing the spot light on several ground breaking apps that Construction Professionals can use to improve their workflows. This weeks additions include…

1. PlanGrid: “Get Everyone on the Same Page, no Matter Where They Are”

The PlanGrid platform allows you share project drawings through a cloud space and mobile app for IOS and Android devices. Once the plans are posted in the cloud they can shared with other team members. The app will alert you when new drawings are posted to the system. One of the main platform features is FREE automatic hyper linking of documents. Users can add notes, photos, and take measurements with the app tools. You can also create a punch list of items and assign them to collaborator members. The newest addition to the app allows users to enter and track RFI’s between users on the web portal.

2. Smartbid: “Online Construction Bid Software”

This intuitive construction bidding software provides commercial General Contractors with a web-based and mobile platform to streamline the bid process. The system keeps project data, documents and communications all in one place. The system also allows subcontractors who are invited to bid and prequalify in the system. Each Subcontractor can claim their unique profile in the Public Registry to receive bid invites and pre-qual requests. The system is designed  to keep each companies data separate or publish to the public data base. Each user has access to a private dashboard showing details on projects, subcontractors and documents.

3. Multivista: “Complete Documentation: Total Assest Visibility”

You may be familiar with the Multivista Construction Documentation Service. They are the guys who will come to your construction site and take a series of high quality progress photos based upon the schedule that you provide them. Once the process has started, you can do a virtual walk though of your project at any time with the photos they take. The photos are also linked to your set of plans so you know where the photos were taken on site. The recently updated app for IOS and Android allows users to access all project photos from a smartphone, upload your own photos from your device camera or camera roll, and add comments to the photos.

4. Egnyte: “The Adaptive Cloud Hybrid Solution”

Egnyte provides users with an Adaptive Enterprise File Service that uniquely anticipate the needs of users and IT departments, so they can easily, securely and intelligently access and share files, on premises and in the cloud. Egnyte provides unparalleled flexibility,unified visibility and centralized control over file services to optimize collaboration with people both inside and outside the organization. Egnyte provides users with an open platform that preserves a customer’s ability to choose what works best for their business. Users have simple, secure access to the files they need, when they need them, to drive their business forward. IT maintains complete visibility and control to ensure data security and business continuity.

5. Jobsite Unite: “Jobsite Profile Communication”

This new app for IOS and Android allows users to create a personal profile and share information with other project team members. The most innovative feature of this app is the “Share My Location” button. This allows users to check in and out of a jobsite location, this feature can be useful in emergency situations such as a tornado, collapse, or violence. Once logged into the app users can take and share photos, direct message team members, and stay up to date in a news feed.

Rob McKinney is a construction risk engineer at Atlanta-based XL Catlin, and is the founder of the construction information forum, Construction App Guru. With over 14 years of industry experience, Rob is the chairman for the AGC Georgia Technology Committee, board member for the AGC of America IT Forum and has written for publications such as Constructech, The Construction Specifier, AEC Magazine, Engineering Industry News, and more).