SafeSite Preview

by Muru-Digital

Safesite is a mobile application that records and communicates critical safety information across entire construction site, allowing supervisors to save time, money and improving safety culture, resulting in fewer injuries.

Existing safety management systems rely on manual handling and are simply too time intensive to be completed effectively. The resulting injuries and deaths are costing the Australian construction industry alone over $6b per year. There is a desperate need for a new and innovative way to manage safety processes on the go. Safesite has harnessed the power of mobile technologies and smart touch screen devices to create a complete safety management system. The platform has been built from the ground up with the user in mind, streamlining safety and ensuring compliance. 

The Safesite team is streamlining safety and reducing injuries on construction sites right now, but this is just the start. We are looking ahead to an exciting future where we will be implementing new technologies such as google glasses and proximity beacons to eliminate the possibility of injuries occurring completely!