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by NoteVault

NoteVault Launches New Reporting App Enhancing Ability to Manage, Share Project Information

April 20, 2015

San Diego, CA –– NoteVault, a provider of innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the construction industry, announced the launch of new NoteVault Notes 2.5 iOS app, along with an enhanced NoteVault Platform, for configuring daily reports.

The app is a daily reporting and communication solution for construction managers to conveniently speak their notes and observations real-time with professional daily report output to give important activities greater visibility.

“We developed NoteVault Notes in partnership with some of our major customers to meet their specific needs,” said Peter Lasensky, CEO at NoteVault. “The strategic innovation joint partnerships we have with key customers allow us to work closer with the top contractors in the U.S. to share technology innovations and shape our product roadmap.”

NoteVault Notes captures dictated notes and photos and offers the ability to enter, edit and add comments directly within the app. NoteVault’s professional staff transcribes these voice recordings into text, adds the photos, and sends out daily PDF reports to a customer’s team every morning. Depending on their user role, key stakeholders can view notes from all users in a continuous newsfeed giving them real-time access to events as they happen, reducing delays and increasing productivity. Categories and issues can be tagged within the app, and GPS tagging of locations is automatic to enable quick pinpointing of where a note was taken.

“Using the Notes app has increased our productivity on the site. I can now see real-time all notes and photos of all activities as they happen. This has saved us countless hours of time on the job trying to keep track of the progress,” said Kevin Sheik, Safety Director for San-Mar Construction currently building the new rental car facilities at the Lindberg Field Airport in San Diego.

NoteVault Notes also provides the ability to:

  • Create daily reports capturing date, time, weather and more.
  • Use mobile, instant daily reporting on-site.
  • Increase job site safety with CrowdSource Safety
  • Keep informed with keyword notifications
  • Reduce risk and liability with AlertMe!
  • Get easy integration with existing project management software, such as ViewPoint, CMiC, ConstructWare and Prolog.
  • The new NoteVault Notes replaces the existing NoteVault app, is now available for iOS and will soon be available for Android. NoteVault currently offers a 30-day trial of the entire suite by registering on their website,, or within the Notes app. In addition to the new Notes app, the NoteVault Platform has been upgraded to include a range of new features, such as the ability to lock editing on notes once the daily PDF is published, set user specified notifications based on shifts, self-service for adding logos to the PDF and notifications when notes are edited.

About NoteVault

NoteVault provides innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the commercial construction industry. NoteVault enables superintendents to quickly and easily report project activity from the field using nothing but their voice and their mobile phone. This information is transcribed and made available through email or a web-based interface. NoteVault saves contractors time and money, while protecting against potential lawsuits. For more information, please visit

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