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by BluVue Plans

BluVue announces new release of cross-platform mobile blueprints and construction document collaboration platform

February 03, 2015

Plano, TX -- BluVue, the leader in mobile construction plans and document synchronization, has announced the release of BluVue Plans 2.0 for iOS and Android, the construction document and plan management app first developed in 2012.  BluVue Plans allows project teams to have anytime, anywhere access to current construction plan documents, eliminating the risk of building off of outdated drawings. BluVue Plans also helps construction teams collaborate efficiently on project drawings, giving them the power to view, markup and share plans. The latest release updates the mobile app user interface, enables a full suite of tools for markups and annotations using any modern web browser, adds continuous background synchronization for documents and markups, and automates a number of tasks in the plan publishing and distribution workflow.

BluVue Plans mobile apps and their companion cloud-based web administration application work on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and laptop or desktop computers. All changes, annotations or edits made to a downloaded sheet are automatically synchronized and updated when online connectivity is available. This allows BluVue to operate fully both offline and online, ensuring the most current plan sheets are always available to an entire project team, avoiding costly rework.

Field operations managers know that construction drawings constantly go through revisions; mark-ups and changes are frequent during a construction project, so it’s vital that project team members have immediate access to the most current set or version of project plans. Though paper plans will always exist, the process of marking up, communicating, reprinting, and then redistributing paper project drawings is time-consuming, costly, and frequently the cause of construction delays. BluVue not only eliminates the costly time delays and expense of reproducing and distributing paper plans, but greatly reduces the risk of tear-outs and rework caused by the project team working from out-of-date plans.

“BluVue Plans has changed the way our field team works together. Just knowing we have the current set there on site when we need it goes a long way to reducing project costs due to rework,” notes Steven Priddy, President of Ed Bell Construction, Dallas, TX. “We have used BluVue Plans for a few years now.  My team would never want to go back to the way we worked before we had BluVue Plans on the jobsite.” BluVue has been developed with direct input from construction professionals, with an emphasis on field usability and a quick learning curve to productivity.

“We’ve spent a lot of time listening to construction professionals from across the spectrum about what is most important to them in getting documents to the field.” stated Jeff Musa, president of BluVue. “For us, the focus is on the workers who use our product every day and what they need in the field to get work done.”

BluVue Plans provides a web-based administration console for upload and management of project PDF files, allowing front-end organization, including keyword tagging and sheet naming, to facilitate sheet retrieval in the field.  BluVue Plans automatically provides document version tracking and even adds an unmistakable pattern to out-of-date plans to prevent their use when an updated sheet exists. Job team members are able to annotate, mark up and review drawings as needed and immediately distribute updated plan sets to the rest of the project team.

BluVue Plans provides a free trial and low cost monthly plans based on users and sheet volume. To sign up and try BluVue Plans, visit

About BluVue LP

BluVue was founded in 2012 when Texas construction industry leader and innovator, Win Bell, became frustrated with the ongoing costs and inefficiencies he observed with the ongoing and troublesome use of out-of-date, inaccurate paper blueprints and physical documents being used on jobsites.  An early leader in the digital construction document management segment, BluVue continues to lead the industry in ease of use, speed, and ROI for project teams across the globe.  Learn more at

Press and media contact: Mike Compeau, VP Marketing